Lone Star Document Management Solutions started in 1996 as a paper shredding company. As information sources changed, so did our document destruction methods. We securely destroy paper, electronic data and electronic devices throughout South Texas.

Importance of Document Destruction

All companies who collect any Personally Identifying Information (PPI) from their customers or employees must take measures to properly destroy that information once it is no longer needed by the company, or the subject of such data withholds their consent.

If PII is not protected, it is vulnerable to intentional theft and accidental oversight which could lead to a security breech. predicts that 20% of all businesses will fall victim to cyberattacks. The loss of customer trust and damaged reputation caused by a cyberattack will cause one in eight small businesses to go bankrupt.

Lone Star can help make sure your company is in compliance with all data privacy laws and regulations.

Paper Document Destruction

Even in the digital age, the United States uses 31.5 million tons of paper a year, with the average office worker using 10,000 sheets of office paper annually. Many of these documents contain information that could hurt your business or your customers if not destroyed properly.

Onsite Shredding

Lone Star Document Management Solutions has trucks that come to your office to pick up your paper and shred your documents in your parking lot. Our trucks are equipped with a tunnel which lifts and empties the secure bin into the shredder. Our customers can watch on camera as the documents are shredded and pushed to the back. Our trucks travel all over South Texas from Roma to Port Isabel to Corpus Christi.

Secure Bins

To help keep your documents secure before we collect them, Lone Star offers locked containers in which to place your documents aimed for destruction. Drop your documents into the bin without worrying about the wrong person removing sensitive documents. Choose from a 68-gallon and 98-gallon wheeled bins or an executive console for your document collection.


Fifty million tons of paper was collected for recycling in 2021, leaving a recycling rate of 68%. Lone Star recycles 100% of the paper and cardboard that it shreds., sending it to paper mills.

Data Document Destruction

Deleting a file from your computer or sending an email to trash and then emptying the trash does not erase the data from the computer. Instead, it removes the marker telling the computer where to find that file, leaving that space available for other data. Data destruction, or media sanitization, is the process of destroying any trace of electronic data on a device so that it cannot be retrieved.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) gives recommendations for data destruction based on the type of media on which the data is held. For each type of media, NIST lists recommendations for three types of sanitation.

  • Clear: The most used method of data destruction is to clear the data from the media. This may mean performing a factory reset or overwriting the data with all zeros or all ones. NIST recommends clearing information on devices that will be reused within the organization.
  • Purge Purging refers to data destruction that erases the data so that even advanced laboratory equipment cannot recover the data. NIST recommends purging devices that will be reused outside of the organization, such as being resold. Two main methods exist based on the type of media containing the data.
    • Degaussing Degaussing erases data by demagnetizing devices such as hard drives.
    • Cryptographic Erasure: When data is encrypted cryptographic erasure renders the data unreadable by erasing the encryption key.
  • Destroy The device on which the data is stored is destroyed, thereby destroying all data on the device. This may include shredding, incinerating, or pulverizing the device, based on the type of device. NIST recommends destroying any device that will not be reused.

Contact Lone Star Document Management Solutions for all of your document destruction needs. Our trucks can come to you anywhere in South Texas, or you can bring your paper or digital documents to any one of our three locations: Mercedes, Corpus Christi, or Rio Grande City.