Document Management Solutions in the RGV

Organizing and managing records, converting to paperless, and keeping track of when to destroy which documents can be daunting and time-consuming tasks. Lone Star Document Management Solutions has been helping companies in the RGV with document management for over 25 years.

Document management is the organization, storage, retrieval, and analysis of physical and electronic documents to improve efficiency and security while maintaining integrity, and readability. Lone Star accomplishes this through the following services: Document Destruction, Document Storage, Records Imaging, and Retention Counseling.

Document Destruction

Your company is legally required to properly destroy any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that is no longer needed. This can include employee files from past employees, or client information.

Lone Star Document Management Solutions shreds over 15 tons of paper a day, all of which is recycled. We can destroy your sensitive documents before leaving your office, no matter where you are in the RGV or South Texas. We can also bring your documents to our secure location to shred and recycle.

Electronic documents also need to be properly destroyed. Proper destruction of data that your company no longer needs can reduce your cyber risk. It also reduces the amount of damage done if a breach occurs. Lone Star offers IT Destruction to protect your company and client data.

Lone Star Document Management Solutions is NAID AAA certified so that you know your documents will be destroyed in compliance with all known data protection laws.

Document Destruction

Storage of physical documents can crowd an office and searching them can take valuable time from your employee’s day. At Lone Star Document Management Solutions, we have over 100,000 square feet of climate-controlled warehouse space. We manage millions of files in over 500,000 boxes and can quickly retrieve and deliver your files anywhere in the RGV. With our Scan-on-Demand service an e-retrieval can be provided within hours of your request.

Recording Imaging

Lone Star Document Management Solutions can convert your paper documents to digital records for easier storage and retrieval. We offer two options for data conversion: Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) and PDF. Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) software converts your document to a text document that can be searched and edited. Each image file is indexed according to your company needs for easier searching.

Electronic imaging of records saves space and time in searching, but also provides added security through controlling access to the documents. Multiple locations or departments within your company can access the same files, increasing collaboration within your organization and improving workflow.

Retention Counseling

Different documents have different requirements for length of retention. Different industries have different regulations regarding what needs to be kept and what needs to be destroyed. For instance, the IRS determines how long a business must keep tax records. The FDA requires certain manufacturing documents to be kept for the expected life of the product, but a minimum of two years.

Keeping documents longer than needed can increase risk, make retrieval more difficult, cost money, and waste time and space. But destroying them too soon can create legal and tax penalties. Lone Star Document Management Solutions provides retention counseling to help your company schedule when your documents are safe to destroy. Lone Star can help you make sure that your retention and destruction schedule is in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Other Services

Lone Star also offers CSR Readiness Site to help reduce the risk of a data breach and Breach Reporting Service to guarantee that all necessary parties are informed if a breach does occur.

Individuals also need to protect their own PII by destroying personal document. The Federal Trade Commission recommends shredding bank statements, pay stubs, and medical bills after one year. Utility bills and credit card statements should be shredded once paid. Lone Star hosts community events, bringing our trucks into the community to assist residents of the RGV in destroying these documents.

Lone Star Document Management Solutions has locations in Mercedes, Corpus Christi, and Rio Grande City. Whether you are a business, an individual, or a charity, contact us for all your document management needs.