For many years, the Rio Grande Valley community has known us as Lone Star Shredding but as technology has improved so have our document-storing and managing solutions. We would like to proudly announce our new name that reflects the services we provide to you, our valued customers. Lone Star Document Management Solutions will continue to keep your documents secure and provide effective ways to dispose of documents

What we offer:

  • Secure paper shredding
  • Document storage
  • Document scanning and records retention

Does your business need a document management system?

Running a business comes with many challenges that you must take care of and one of those challenges is figuring out an effective way to manage your documents. Business owners manage hundreds of thousands of documents and by law, many of those records must be kept for a certain number of years.

When it comes to thinking about how to manage records, we immediately think of the large task that is filing documents and record keeping. Ledgers of records and documents, boxes piling high, and rows and rows of filing cabinets aren’t sometimes the most effective way to store and manage your documents.

At Lonestar Document Management Solutions, we can help get your business organized. You won’t need to sift through filing cabinets and office storage rooms. The trend is to go paperless and that can be daunting, but we are equipped and certified to take care of your documents and safely store them for you. We will work with you to figure out the best document management solution for your company and keep your documents secure.

Storing documents digitally saves a lot of paper and you’re also doing your part for the environment. Digital documents are also easier to locate and are more secure.

When documents are stored digitally, it allows for the company to save time when trying to locate a particular document. Physically searching and sifting through boxes or filing cabinets, takes time from overall productivity. Using a document management system helps you be more resourceful and saves your employees time.

There are options for document management solutions like converting paper files to an electronic format and securing them in a cloud-hosted document management system.

At Lonestar Document Management Solutions, we also offer our clients storage space to store their hardcopy documents in a secure location. We value your safety. We provide the most secure and efficient solutions to manage your company’s documents.

Call us to find out how we can help make your company more efficient and productive when you select us to get more organized and utilize the Rio Grande Valley’s only document storage management solutions company!

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