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The secure disposal of confidential corporate, personal identifiable information is a critical part of any true records management solution. Lone Star Shredding & Document Storage offers a range of destruction services to meet your specific needs. As the leaders of information management in South Texas for more than 20 years, Lone Star Shredding & Document Storage will help build a records destruction solution for you. At Lone Star Shredding & Document Storage, we have the solution you need to ensure your information’s security. As part of our NAID guidelines, we provide certificates of destruction as a guarantee that your documents have been securely destroyed, providing your company with peace of mind.

Our destruction services include:

  • Onsite shredding
  • Secure destruction
  • IT destruction
  • Media and hard drive destruction
  • Destruction bins
  • Recycling and environmental solutions

Our destruction services are tailored to incorporate industry-specific requirements. Lone Star Shredding & Document Storage for your records management solutions, no matter what industry your business pertains to.

naid certified

NAID AAA Certification

The NAID AAA Certification Program is a voluntary program for NAID member companies providing information destruction services. For more information, please visit the NAID AAA Cerfication home page.

  • Onsite  Shredding
  • Offsite  Shredding
  • Secure  Containers

LSS truck We specialize in onsite paper shredding services throughout South Texas. Onsite shredding ensures that sensitive information is destroyed before we leave your office. You will even be able to watch the process, protecting both you and your company.

paper shred Our convenient locations around South Texas mean that we’re perfectly positioned to shred your sensitive documents at our secure facility. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that your company’s data will be safely destroyed in a timely manner according to NAID guidelines.

container Lone Star Shredding offers three convenient containers for scheduled secure document shredding depending on client need. When it comes to business document shredding needs, shredding bins and shredding consoles provide flexible options based upon your requirements. These locked containers can be kept in a convenient location of your choosing. Your employees can then easily deposit papers, files and documents into these repositories for secure, confidential document destruction. We offer secure collection bins that hold up 350 lbs of paper. The locking system secures the lid to the container to prevent tampering and removal of sensitive documents. Wheeled bins are available in 68 and 98 gallon sizes. Our Executive console has a clean design perfect for any home or office that can hold up to 90 lbs of paper.